Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Long Hiatus


This is my update after 2 years hibernation.

I've been in hibernation mode from most of social media platform (especially Facebook and Blog) since my first child was born. And right now I'm slowing down my activities in Instagram as well. 

When I was away from most of SocMed, I think, I got more time for myself, my family, my kids ( I have two kids now by the way ). And maybe I don't wanna expose my kids too much in SocMed because I don't feel it safe. I only post about my family in my Instagram account since it private and I only approve friends and family.

My second child, Raihannah was born in October 2015. I've been full time housewife since then. She will be 2 years old next month. Rayyan, my first child is now 3y5m now. Both my kids are very active and growing pretty well. Sometimes they are so sweet, love each other, play together. Sometimes they're cat-fighting, berebut mainan but that's normal, that's what siblings do, right?

In a meantime, apart of being full time housewife, I am a personal graphic designer / part-time personal assistant for my husband. Yep, he's my boss now. Whenever he need a new poster for his upcoming classes, or new bunting design, or anything related, he will hire me. Haha. The good thing about that is I'm working at home while taking care of my kids. But that's not the best bart. The best part is, as a payment, he promises me a new makeup stuff, or new handbag or shoes. Well, what kind of women who doesn't want that, kan? 

My beautiful, wonderful kids. 

I can't tell if I will update more after this since being a mom is exhausting. Tengoklah macam mana. If I got 'Me Time' pun, I just wanna have some good rest and enjoy my calm & quiet moment while sipping a cup of coffee and some cookies or bread with chocolate spread. Urghh, that's HEAVEN!


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