Friday, February 6, 2015

Sekumpulan Orang Gila (SOG) - JELAJAH BAHTERA : FINALE


Brace yourselves, gig's fan! You gotta read this like seriously!

Kami menjemput anda untuk menjadi sebahagian daripada acara JELAJAH BAHTERA : FINALE yang menampilkan beberapa buah band tempatan dan luar negara di bawah satu bumbung yang bertempat di Black Box, Publika KL pada 21hb Februari 2015.

Band pembuka :

1. As You See

Tetamu khas :

2. Massacre Conspiracy Official
3. Tres Empre
4. The Padangs
5. Naratu
6. Ballad For Layla
7. Embrace Them Ghosts (SG)
8. Heart A-Tack (Official Band Page)

Band penutup :


Tiket :

Presale - RM25 (terhad kepada 100 yang terawal sahaja)
Door - RM30
w/ Bahtera - RM40

The Guitar Store
HWC Studios

Rakan Media:

Juxta Art Production

Source :


Heyy... So.. Yeahh...

This upcoming gig is gonna be Ballad For Layla's last gig. So for those who really miss BFL, please, buy your ticket, enjoy their last performance because it will be the original BFL members except my husband, Syamim. Its his decision to not participate anymore in this music industry because of the commitments for future and family. As a wife, I have to respect his decision even though I never stop him to play music.

BFL will disband because of few factors. First, commitments for future. Some of them are happily married like Onejet and Syamim. Both are already have a child. Some of them are going to get married. Paan will get married a day after the gig which is 22 Feb 2015. And also, commitment of career ofcourse. Nazif are now working in Penang. 

For me, personally, I'm going to miss BFL so much. I miss to watch them from the back stage. I miss their jamming sessions. I miss to be their "photographer". Haha!

Ballad For Layla, Rock The World 2011

I dont know who takes this picture but thanks. I look so garang and grumpy -.-"

I will show all the performance video to my son when he grow up. 

"Rayyan, ni video ayah awak. Dia dulu main band metal." 

Till then. Assalamualaikum.

p/s: Paan! You're going to marry my bestfriend. Take care of her. She's like a sister and a family to me. If you hurt her, you better watch out! I will haunt you till the world's end! Haha, no. Joking. No, seriously.

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