Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sad? Not anymore!

Discover a picture of him and his ex-gf..

At first, I was like....

Oh God, Why..? 

They're look better together.. T_T

Feels like my heart break to pieces..

Why this happened to me...?!?!?!??

But then, I wake up from that "silly" moment..

Naahhhhhh.. Just his ex.. Who cares!

Is that your ex?? O_O" Me look better.. 

Bitch Please, he's mine now.. Oh, wait.. He's my FIANCEE now.. Soon will be my HUSBAND. OFFICIALLY HUSBAND.

So, kenapa perlu sedih?

Moral of the story is, past is past. It was loooong ago. No need to worry, no need to cry. Fokus kat benda yang lagi penting, iaitu perkahwinan aku dgn dia. And, Cheer Up Your Life!!!!

p/s: Dah tak nangis dah.. Kejap je.. Hahaha! Silly me, kan? ^_^


  1. herghhhh~...chill ty, tgh darah mnis ni,byk dugaan.So,kena kuat..^^

  2. aku mengong gak, sedih2 pun, still nak gak tengok ex dia mcm mana.. hahaha!