Sunday, April 12, 2009

corporate day

khamis lepas, ak de presentation untk subjek RTW. so, miss adlene nk kitorg pkai corporate appearance for the presentation.. for me, presentation kitorang hari tu agak best la (kot). presentation kitorg pasal sports @ lebih specific lg, paintball.

all my classmate wearing corporate appearance. sume nmpk cam da keje.. mmg best la hari tu.. (walaupun dlm diam jauh di sudut hati ada luka).

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

first word..

hey, my name is zaty arifin. just call me zaty
this is my first post and i will tell about my self later voz i have no idea right now..
so, wait for my next post at my blog..
thank you..

(ceh! mcm cakap dgn org lak.. cam ade org je kat dpn aku ni.. hehehehe..)